Davis Riverfront Park is a 5 acre park on the north shore of the Blackwater River extending from the bridge on WV 32 downstream
approximately 1,100 feet.  The site has a small acre pond near WV Route 32 and several picnic tables and a small gazebo located
around the pond.  There is also the beginning of an herb garden near the pond.  Bass and bluegill have been stocked in the
pond to provide angling opportunities primarily for children.  The remaining portions of the park are mostly native grasses, wildflowers,
shrubs, with pockets of trees scattered throughout the site.

Wetlands are existent on a portion of the property, as well as concrete footings and
pavements from the timber mill that previously occupied the site during the late 1800s
and early 1900s.  Public access at present is only from WV Route 32.


The Davis Park & Recreation Commission program recommendations for the park master plan were
as follows:



1.                  Create the park for foot traffic only with minimal vehicular intrusion for maintenance purposes only.

2.                  Further development of the herb garden and pond area.

3.                  Interpret the industrial heritage of the site and the natural areas, i.e. wetlands.

4.                  Create improved access points to the park.

5.                  Develop a trail system for use by the towns populace for improved walking opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6.                  Fishing opportunities along the Blackwater River.

7.                  Lawn areas for fields.

8.                  Possible stage/amphitheater.

9.                  Picnic Shelters.

10.              Recommendations for future acquisitions/easements.



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